The Kiaoa restaurant takes part of its supplies from a small farm of 10 hectares in Puertomingalvo, 950 m above sea level, near the valley of the river Linares in the province of Teruel.

We have been developing organic farming in our vegetable gardens and fruit orchards, fertilized with manure from our animals, for over two decades.

The farm has one hectare of enclosed vegetable gardens, fruit orchards and various forested areas of oak and pine. Irrigation is done by a drip and sprinkle technology, using water from two irrigation ponds that are feed by various springs. It also has stables and a henhouse measuring 500m2 with an adjacent pond.

A natural cycle is created through the use of agricultural and domestic waste and animal manure as compost during the year, which in turn produces an organic fertilizer rich in nutrients.

All this, aided by clean air and water and the organic fertilizers used on the land helped us to achieve a high standard of organic mountain farming.