Yelel Cañas Formiconi

was born in Valencia in 1984 and according to his parents, started to   cook (small meals) from the age of five. Raised in a village in the countryside, he grew up learning about local products and animals used in regional dishes. He also became familiar with the many wild edible plants and fruits that were growing in the area. In later years his parents mixed Spanish and Italian culinary heritage enhanced his childhood passion for cooking.

After completing his higher education and armed with this impressive culinary background, he moved to London where he worked for three years in various restaurants of haute cuisine. These were his formative years as a chef as he trained in various positions at the restaurants’ kitchen.

Afterwards he embarked on his travels, crossing the USA and New Zealand from north to south at his own pace, determined to gain first-hand knowledge of these countries. With many stopovers and stays at numerous places learning about local produce and cuisines, he was inspired by local chefs and their culinary knowledge collected over the centuries.

The final destination of his trip was Panama, where for two years he conducted culinary courses in Spanish and Italian cuisine and worked as a chef at a popular Spanish restaurant.

In 2009 he created project Kiaora together with his father Miguel Cañas, a restaurant which mostly uses produce that has been cultivated on their own farm. This makes for a creative and personal cuisine in Valencia, based on organic, indigenous and wild products which are, above all, very tasty.